Cassava bread (casabe)


3 pounds yuca roots

Cooking instructions: 

Peel, wash and grate the cassava. Let it drain in a strainer. Press very heavily to take all the juice out. To press it, a press may be used until all the juice, which is poisonous and used to make cassava starch, comes out.

Over a griddle pour an amount of cassava paste enough to cover it. Stretch the paste with a wooden spatula to make a layer about 3 mm. thick, filling in where necessary. Cook until the cassava flour paste agglutinates or hardens, folding and squeezing the edge with the spatula (about 1 cm. ) to make it stronger and easier to handle.

Cook until it begins to look golden and it's possible to turn it easily and it's completely hardened and easy to handle. In the popular way of making cassava bread, the cakes are then placed next to the fire, supported by wooden sticks, to let them get completely dry.

Finally take the breads out into the sun to dry up and prevent them from becoming moldy.